In the process of rolling up and shaping our Softlite ionomer foam products, we have an occasional supply of end-cuts, cut-offs, or drops of various sizes and colors and shapes. We also occasionally have production over-runs.

With our newly installed recycling equipment, we can reprocess this material ourselves, but if call at the right time or can be patient, we often have by-products available.

As shown above, our byproducts typically take two forms: end cuts from cylinders-predominantly buoys and large fenders-shown above left and back-cuts from fender railings such as we make for the USCG and Canadian CG 47 foot motor lifeboats or the Boston Whaler Impact series (see Integral Boat Fenders page for illustrations). The former can be an inexpensive source of buoyancy or they make good back stops for archery targets; the latter pieces make excellent dock fendering.

The end-cuts vary from two to four feet (2' - 4') in diameter and two to four (2" - 4") inches thick with a one-and-a-half inch to four inch (1.5" - 4") hole in the center. One side will be flat from the cut and the other uneven from the roll-up. We sell these pieces in available sizes and colors for $0.50 a pound of buoyancy. Minimum order is $100.00.

Back-cut pieces are Type M and Type W. Type M pieces (shown above center) are 3" thick and 7" tall in eight pound per cubic foot density black only, 53" long; $25.00 each. Type W pieces are 2" thick hollow cylinder sections, 6" stand off by 15" tall in five pound per cubic foot density, gray and some other colors on occasion, 53" long; $40.00 each. Minimum order is $100.00.

As a result of a canceled US Navy contract, we were left with some orange pieces 45" long and 62" in diameter with flats on three sides (above 2nd from right). Softlite ionomer foam was specified by the Navy after extensive testing as the most reliable flotation for at-sea transfer of nuclear weapons. With the collapse of USSR, the Navy canceled the contract and we have these high-value Cold War relics for anyone who can use them.

Current uses include fendering for a ferry operator on Cape Cod and for a major East Coast commercial tug and tow operator. A New England utility has several as part of an ice boom.

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