Gilman Corporation

Ionomer foam products manufactured by Gilman Corporation under the brand name Softlite® include: US Coast Guard navigational buoys, ship and dock fenders, mooring floats, booms and barriers for safety and security, seat pads and skier awareness products for ski areas, chemical seals--wiper tips--for tank farm floating roofs, standard rolls and sheets, laminated rolls and sheets, and custom manufacturing in our plant.

Incorporated in 1947, Gilman Corporation is the leading custom manufacturer of ionomer foam products. Ionomers are very high-grade polymers manufactured by DuPont as Surlyn® and Chemigon as Ioloy® Ionomer properties translate into exceptional performance when the resin is extruded as a foam.

Ionomer foam is the toughest flexible, low-density foam on the market. Gilman Corporation has specialized its extrusion and fabrication into a variety of unique, reliable, super-tough products.

Standard colors available are Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Black, Blue, and Grey. Special colors can be extruded.

   Ionomer Foam Characteristics

  • Low Weight

  • Low Density

  • Tough

  • Durable

  • Energy Absorbent

  • Thermal Insulating

  • Acoustic Insulating

  • Soft

  • Flexible

  • Non-abrasive

  • Resistant to UV

  • Not affected by many fuels and solvents

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