Soft-sided Softlite foam fendering can be incorporated into the structural design of a rigid hull boat.

The Boston Whaler Impact and USCG 47 Foot Motor Life Boat (47-MLB) above left and right respectively, led the way in demonstrating this technology.

Inflatable sponsons can be replaced entirely with non-deflatable ionomer foam cylinders. Signature suppression baffles may be installed inside the structured cylinders. An 11-meter system is pictured center above.

When it came time to unveil the finalists in the USCG Response Boat - Medium design competition, all three of the boats used Softlite foam fendering. Shown below are boats from Textron Marine & Land System, Ocean Technology, and Kvichak-Marinette Marine Corporation.

The exceptional design flexibility of ionomer foam fendering can accommodate any hull curvature, rake, and rise. Profiles can be varied to achieve desired stand-off and height. Multiple attachment options are available.

Click here for a picture of integral ship fendering variations.

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