Gilman Softlite Ship and Dock Fenders are the longest-lived, lightest, heavy-duty ship fenders available. Because of the unique ionomer foam construction, the fenders have unsurpassed strength and integrity combined with high energy-absorption and a skin that is at the same time exceptionally tough, very flexible and non-abrasive.

Gilman Softlite Ship and Dock Fenders are manufactured in virtually any size from 12" x 33" up to 6' X 12'. Full round and half-round or alternative cross sections can be supplied as required.

The U.S. Coast Guard uses Softlite Marine Fenders on Polar Icebreakers, Medium and High Endurance Cutters as well as smaller vessels: U.S. Navy Patrol Craft, Battleships, and Aircraft Carriers use Softlite Marine Fenders.

Commercial tug and barge operators like Softlite Marine Fenders because the fenders' light weight allows them to be moved from side to side as needed, reducing the number required by half compared to heavy, composite foam-filled fenders.

Any color--including custom color matches--can be supplied. Call, write, fax, or email us for immediate answers to your questions.

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