Softlite ionomer foam navigation buoys are the choice of the US Coast Guard and port and lighthouse authorities--as well as commercial users--around the world because of their extreme reliability and durability with none of the maintenance and half the weight of conventional buoys.

For mooring and pick-up buoy applications, the self-fendering properties of ionomer foam buoys make them far preferable to steel buoys which inevitably damage vessels. And, unlike other hard-shell or composite buoys made of polyethylene and/or polyurethane, Softlite ionomer buoys do not fade or yellow, and will not take on water if struck and punctured.

In an article published in Soundings in March of 1991, the Technical Director of the US Coast Guard R & D Center described the Softlite marine buoys as "…almost indestructible…stronger than steel. You can't sink it."

We have designs for US Navy and US Coast Guard (above right) pick up buoys in several sizes. In addition, the mooring specialty firm, Mooring Systems Inc., has a line of mooring floats in graduated sizes (above left) built around Softlite ionomer foam floatation.

We will also be glad to build to any requirement or design you bring us to replace existing designs in other materials without existing problems with steel or weaker plastics. We offer a line of hose floats for various surface requirements.

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