Softlite ionomer foam offers incredible physical strength coupled with broad resistance to environmental and chemical agents and exceptional ease of handling, shaping, and fabrication.

Outstanding chemical resistance and exceptional material strength make ionomer uniquely useful in industrial applications such padding for human safety or for protecting fine machined surfaces on heavy objects or automotive glass.

The unusual draw strength of ionomer makes it particularly attractive for vacuum-forming.

Over forty years, Gilman Corporation has built and refined custom machinery and developed an expert staff in a purpose-built factory capable of producing ionomer foam in a broadly continuous range of colors and densities.

Instead of curing in roll form, the extruded foam can be cut and cured as flat sheets.

Multiple layered sheets or rolls can be produced by heat-welding two or more individual layers of foam together to produce laminated rolls and sheets. Other materials can be captured between layers of foam; for example aluminum foil for radar reflectivity or 1/4 inch nylon mesh for rip-stop prevention.

Different colored materials can be welded together for a reversible finish.

Multiple layered laminated sheets can be finished as contour curved sheets for fitting around existing forms such as a fuselage or sponson.

Various widths trimmed and untrimmed are available. For copy of our standard Goods and Prices List, call, write, fax, or email us.

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