"…Ionomer resins have outstanding resistance to both physical and chemical attack. They are highly resistant to permeation by liquids."

DuPont Company brochure "Chemical Resistance of SURLYN® Ionomer Resins"

DuPont lists three and a half two-column pages of chemicals for which they have determined chemical resistance of industrial strength structured ionomer material at 21° C (70° F) and 60° C (140° F).

This exceptional range of chemical resistance coupled with ionomer's physical strength, environmental resistance and manufacturing flexibility makes it a natural for many challenging gasket and seal requirments.

Gilman Softlite ionomer wedge seal, or edge seal, or wiper-tip as it is variously called is bolted to the edges of the large floating roofs at many liquid bulk storage tank facilities.

The Softlite ionomer seal flexes upward as supply is added to the tanks and wipes downward as inventory is drawn. The seal reduces emissions (and inventory losses) significantly.

Gilman Softlite ionomer seals and gasketing include:

Five-layer Taper Tip SoftSeal I 9"-16" widths
(For tanks 26' OD and larger supplied as rolls)

Four-layer Taper Tip SoftSeal I 6"- 12" widths
(Custom cut and welded curvature of smaller tanks)

Adhesive-coated rolls and spools in various widths

Click here to download a PDF with current sizes and prices.

Call, write, fax, or email us for a copy of the DuPont Report and an update compiled by Gilman of experience with other chemicals that have come into the market since the DuPont study.

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